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Tempe Real Estate Statistics

All statistics on this page reflect All Residential Sales in Tempe for the time period illustrated in each graph. Residential market stats categories include Single Family-detached, Patio Homes, Town houses, Condominiums, Apartment-style Dwellings, Gemini/Twins, and Lofts. All data is provided by the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS)

Tempe List Price/Sale Price - Residential

  • 465000.00,467450.00,459450.00,482500.00,479000.00,489000.00,499999.00,525000.00,500000.00,499900.00,489000.00,485000.00
  • 449000.00,405000.00,440000.00,499950.00,475000.00,468500.00,500000.00,495000.00,480000.00,442000.00,469900.00,480000.00
  • 450000.00,459950.00,419950.00,459950.00,450011.00,475000.00,450000.00,467950.00,475000.00,470000.00,450000.00,477000.00
  • 448000.00,432450.00,445000.00,419900.00,467000.00,475000.00,472500.00,440000.00,490000.00,499450.00,490000.00,425000.00
  • 430000.00,423600.00,424500.00,415000.00,450000.00,470000.00,465000.00,438000.00,479000.00,480000.00,480000.00,409592.00

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Median List Price vs. Median Sold Price

Bear in mind Tempe (like most demographics) has very distinct “high-end market” vs “affordable market”. This graph utilizes all of it together, for comparison against other city/town markets. (Note: The “median” is the “middle” value in the list of Price values. Whereas the “mean” or “average” would be where you add up all the numbers and then divide by the # of numbers.) Compare the two: Median above, Average below.

Average List Price vs. Average Sold Price

Tempe List Price/Sale Price - Residential

  • 477812.11,471657.29,483633.60,511849.13,477504.63,522516.14,518143.53,539312.47,513231.61,530917.77,508777.52,506240.46
  • 434558.21,463912.81,512749.50,512505.87,503811.33,519423.49,536598.94,520535.45,494611.50,466929.99,506406.32,491284.14
  • 485394.07,472991.72,451991.16,470276.36,494350.51,478603.36,528836.70,501499.01,497537.20,494945.46,477339.54,490854.93
  • 477394.59,465544.68,471025.73,450300.73,458385.75,500888.77,491449.47,493335.18,543674.16,489447.32,493778.29,450349.59
  • 456546.88,449203.41,458195.56,441642.91,445380.18,492730.38,480994.61,484741.29,530074.25,482398.93,485943.11,436790.22

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Residential Sales Inventory - Tempe

  • 291,268,252,212,177,173,177,193,195,221,253,272
  • 85,115,125,121,135,136,143,135,168,159,141,149
  • 87,116,116,138,122,118,105,108,135,104,93,74
  • 107,96,102,117,116,137,130,100,126,110,111,88

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Total Unit (#) Residential Sales

(New/Active/Pended/Sold) Note that Listings under “contingent” contracts (UCB: Under Contract accepting Backups, CCBS: Contract Contingent on Buyer Sale) are still considered Active, until they go Pending.

Tempe Residential Sales Volume

  • 139043325,126404155,121875667,108512015,84518319,90395292,91711405,104087307,100080163,117332827,128720713,137697404
  • 36937448,53349973,64093688,62013210,68014529,70641595,76733649,70272286,83094732,74241868,71403291,73201337
  • 42229284,54867039,52430975,64898137,60310762,56475196,55527853,54161893,67167522,51474328,44392577,36323265
  • 51081221,44692289,48044624,52685185,53172747,68621761,63888431,49333518,68502944,53839205,54809390,39630764
  • 48850516,43123527,46735947,51672220,51664101,67504062,62529299,48474129,66789356,53063882,53939685,38437539

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Total Volume ($) Residential Sales

How much inventory (in dollar value volume) does Tempe residential sales do?

Absorption Rate - Tempe

  • 1.83,1.77,1.74,1.51,1.32,1.33,1.42,1.61,1.67,1.92,2.25,2.43

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Absorption Rate

The rate at which available homes are sold, calculated by dividing the average number of sales per month by the total number of homes available.

Tempe Avg Days on Market

  • 67.1,68.0,73.8,70.2,58.8,52.7,49.8,43.2,43.9,38.3,46.1,44.4

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2023

CDOM – Cumulative Days On Market

The average number of days a property is On The Market, running total, regardless of how many different Listing Agents successively market the Tempe home for sale.

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